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Nickelodeon’s hit international series, Winx Club focuses on six best friends enrolled in fairy school as they face many adventures together with strength and teamwork. The series features the voices of some of Nick’s biggest stars including: Keke Palmer (True Jackson, VP) as Aisha; Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious) as Daphne; Ariana Grande (Victorious) as Diaspro; and Matt Shively (True Jackson, VP) as Skye; as well as Molly Quinn (Castle) as Bloom. Cymphonique Miller (How to Rock) performs the show’s theme song, “Winx You're Magic Now.”

When trouble arises, the Winx Club transform into beautiful fairies that use their unique magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. Bloom is the most powerful fairy and leader of the Winx. She has an inborn ability to sense danger, combined with a lively intelligence and a deep sense of loyalty. As the fairy of the waves, Aisha is fearless, determined, energetic and a sports enthusiast. Skye is the leader of the Specialists, a group of teenage boys from a neighbouring school who befriend the Winx fairies and fight alongside them to battle evil. The fairy sister of Bloom, Daphne, sacrifices her life in order to keep Bloom safe and sometimes appears to her sister as an advisor. Diaspro is a somewhat materialistic princess who can be difficult at times.


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