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LONDON: (Insert date) 2013: Fresh from their bonza stint down under, the nation’s best loved Geordies will return to their original stomping ground of Newcastle for Series 7 launching on Tuesday, 17th September at 10pm. But hang on to your hair extensions – there’s a new lass in the bosom. Howay pets!

20 year old head turner Marnie Simpson will bravely be joining the cast – a complete surprise to the gang who get the shock of their lives when she enters the house. A former runner up in Miss Newcastle this Tyne side beauty is not a complete stranger to the house – she is Sophie’s younger cousin and wastes no time making an immediate impact on buck squad members, Gaz and Scott. What’s more, she ends up falling for one of them and this causes tension between the, otherwise inseparable, lads. That’s not the only drama our newbie will have to deal with. The affections of the Geordie lasses take some nurturing, and the ranks are firmly closed. How will she cope?

Geordie Shore’s Marnie said: “I have followed the Geordie Shore antics since the very beginning – I’m a massive fan, so it’s pretty surreal to be joining the gang for a new series. I think the girls will find it hard not to like me, but I know they will think I’m prettier than them. I don’t give in to guys easily, so the boys will have a chase on their hands – I know Gaz will try it on for sure.”

Series 6 saw the cast head to Australia where Vicky made the most of her newly single status in the land of the body beautiful finding herself ‘fit Dan’ to tash on with. Gaz and Scott continued their mission to pull everything in sight, much to the disdain of James who became frustrated with their one track minds. Charlotte decided life on the other side of the world was not for her and found herself pining for her boyfriend thousands of miles away, while Holly and Sophie made the most of all Australia had to offer; getting mortal and enjoying the sun sea and surf.

The fallen Angels of the North have been busy making their Geordie mark on the world. But back on the hallowed ground of Newcastle with a new girl in the mix just what will go down? Will the loveable crew be more worldly and wise after their globe-trotting adventures or will there still be arguments, tashing on and getting mortal? One thing’s for sure - you can take the Geordie out of Newcastle, but you can’t take Newcastle out of the Geordies!

Put the date in your diary. Set the series record and join Cheryl Cole, The Rooneys, Jack Whitehall, Reggie Yates and Chris Moyles, who all admit to being hooked on MTV’s highest ever rated series.

Brand new series of Geordie Shore from Tuesday 17th September at 10pm only on MTV.       

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Marnie Simpson/ @marniegshore

Age: 20
Occupation: Waitress at Sophie’s Dad restaurant Mambo’s
Lives: South Shields

Marnie describes herself as ‘fun, adventurous, determined, kind, happy and always someone who gives 100%.’
Fun, carefree and single, Marnie is determined to make the most of life in the Geordie Shore house. She had a big break up a year ago and since then has been on lots of dates but still has not met ‘the one’. That has not stopped her enjoying the free dinners and drinks though! If she was to choose her ideal guy Marnie likes blue eyes and clean teeth, they need to be fit and not a slob, so all in all she is not that fussy. If she were to choose her ideal guy it would be Ashley Cole as she likes a challenge.

Entering the house with the mind-set to shake it up, Marnie thinks she is a very good judge of character so if someone says something she does not agree with she is not afraid to speak her mind – just how this goes down with firecracker Vicky remains to be seen.


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