The Valleys 2”

Who will make it back and will they make it?


LONDON: 21st March 2013: MTV’s most talked about show The Valleys is back in a highly anticipated brand new series on Tuesday April 30th at 10pm.


There’s tears and tantrums in the making as the cast discover who impressed the bosses enough in series one to be invited back to Cardiff to try to make it in their chosen careers and precisely who’s antics left AK and Jordan tampin, fumin, raging and soon to be issuing one way train tickets straight back to The Valleys.


Re-capping back to the finale episode, our valleys kids Lateysha, Liam, Carley, Leeroy, Nicole, Jenna, Chidgey and Aron put on a night to remember in Glam where they showcased their “talents”, or in Nicole’s case paraded around naked. Have they done enough to secure their place in series 2? Bunny boiler Natalee came back to give model in training Chidgey an ultimatum, come back to the valleys with her or be a single boy in Cardiff pursuing his dreams. What a choice! It seems the lure of love won and the two of them left with AK vowing not to let either of them back to work for her. Has time weakened her resolve?


Unfortunately, its bad news for resident kick boxer Aron who is gutted to hear from Valleys boss Jordan that he cannot take him any further career wise. Shockwaves rumble round the rest of the cast who wonder which of their heads is next on the chopping block? Every cloud has a silver lining as this new space leads our frisky Valley girls to wonder whether there’s a hot new boy in line to fill the newly empty bed?


Of course there is! And the exciting news for our valleys hotties Jenna, Nicole, Carley, Natalee and Lateysha is that there’s not one but two and they only happen to Welsh twin go-go dancers!


Double trouble identical twins Jason and Anthony are Valleys newbies and the second that they enter the house with their buff bodies, eye catching body art and dangerously low v-necks they cause major ructions. Jordan recruits the brothers to help promote Glam nightclub and provide a bit of eye candy for the ladies with some of their infamous go go dancing on the side. As expected, these lush brothers are welcomed with open arms by The Valley girls but just how will the existing boys take to a bit of friendly competition?


As for all the others, having tasted the high life, they are keener than ever to get out of their home towns once more to pursue their dreams in Cardiff but it’s not going to be an easy ride as bosses AK and Jordan determined that this time round its less about the boozing and more about making it as brands. Those who aren’t prepared to work hard to achieve their career aspirations are in for a rough ride as its time to shape up or ship out.  Who will rise to the challenge and who will fail? Only time and a few nights out in Glam and outings on the party bus will tell…


The first series of The Valleys has been an unprecedented success for MTV UK becoming the channels 2nd highest ratings franchise in its UK history.

Trending on Twitter from the moment the first promo was aired and then every week of its run, The Valleys regularly topped the SecondSync leader board as the most talked about programme in its time slot.


Put the date in your planner, order in your rose and get ready for brand new The Valleys.


The Valleys 2 will air exclusively Tuesday April 30th MTV @10pm


The Twins


Anthony Suminski

Age: 22

Occupation: Bailiff/ Doorman

Hometown: Pontypridd


Younger twin brother by two minutes, Anthony, is a rippling mass of muscle and body art with a heart. He loves good banter and feels he quickly found a ‘new family’ as part of the cast, forming a particularly special bond with one of the Valleys’ lovelies who he describes being head over heels in lust with having fancied her when he watched her on the telly during series one. But at who’s expense will he get his girl? All will be soon be revealed.

Anthony is the more organised of the two brothers. He has an impressive hat collection and his clothes are always neatly pressed and ironed – fresh and ready to go. Anthony even has a special technique to folding his tiny tight pants and uses dividers to separate them by occasion- pulling pants, gym pants and lounge pants. A pant-fectionist you might say. 

He may look tough but his tattoos suggest a softer side, with a Panda tattoo on his foot and a giant ode to Toy Story down his side. A lover of animals, he has a great affection for his cat, Yako, and admits to being a ‘lightweight’ in the drinking stakes.

He has learnt from his mistakes in life and has no regrets about anything as it’s all helped to make him a much stronger person.  Anthony is not worried about what people will think of him on the show saying “haters are gonna hate.” 

Describing his ideal girl as ‘Rachel Stevens’ he would take her to Nandos on a date so he could get a stamp on his card.  He only eats healthy food so shuns his mum’s cooking in favour of Jason’s which sometimes means fish for breakfast. This might explain the muscles! 

Jason Suminski

Age: 22

Occupation: Doorman

Hometown: Pontypridd


22 year old Jason is one of two brand new additions to the cast, along with his identical twin brother, Anthony. Up for just about anything, this party-loving eccentric loves being the centre of attention and wastes no time getting acquainted with the one of the hottest (and previously taken) Valleys babes.  Tensions are set to rocket!

Double trouble, Jason is inseparable with his twin brother, Anthony and the pair even have their own language – twin speak if you like?! Their bond is so tight that Jason describes his religion as twin’ and calls his brother’s personality “similar to mine so pretty much flawless.”  The pair have set their sights on careers as Go-go dancers and club promoters – Jason’s favourite dance moves is a handstand and the worm. How will this go down in Glam?

A happy go lucky guy, Jason makes a big impact when he enters the show. With an eye for the ladies and a body to boot this boy brings the rest of the male cast some major competition in the pulling stakes! That is if the girls are not put off by his soft toy crab that he still sleeps with….

Jason claims his greatest strength is “taking the piss out of others.” He has no time for weakness and takes life with a pinch of salt.

On their small screen debut, Jason thinks he and his brother will have the likability factor but isn’t overly worried about what viewers or local critics will make of them saying:  “I only care about the people who care about me.”

Jason is not daunted about the prospect of media attention, describing his resolve as “cooler than the other side of the pillow.” Nor is he overly concerned with any stories coming out of the woodwork believing that “everyone has a price.”




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Editors notes:


  • The first series of The Valleys has been an unprecedented success for MTV UK becoming the channels 2nd highest franchise in its UK history.
  • Over the course of series and all transmissions, the show reached a massive 3.6m Individuals / 3.1m Adults / 1.4m 1634s with its premiere episode performance significantly up on slot throughout the series, as well as growing audiences across the run; with Individuals at – 586k (+474% on slot), Adults at – 519k (+470% on slot) and 1634s at - 344K - (+463% on slot)





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