Fridge sex and the city

Tuesday 27th March at 10pm on MTV

Fresh from the US get ready for the latest smash hit scripted comedy I Just Want My Pants Back, exclusive to MTV. Smart, sharp and sexy, I Just Want My Pants Back follows the escapades of New Yorker Jason (Peter Vack) and his friends as they adjust to post college life. From acclaimed director and executive producer Doug Liman (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Swingers, Go,Bourne Identity) and based on David J. Rosen‟s novel, I Just Want My Pants Back will premier in the UK on Tuesday 27th March at 10pm only on MTV.

Struggling with sex, love, career and friendship as a young twenty-something living in Brooklyn, slacker Jason‟s life revolves around hanging out with his friends, going to bars and hooking up with girls. After a six week dry spell and the danger of becoming a „born again virgin‟, Jason decides it‟s time to get back on the wagon. Playing it cool, Jason hits the jack-pot as he takes home the beautiful and mysterious Jane. After a wild night involving a kitchen appliance, Jane disappears along with his favourite pair of pants. And so the quest begins to get back his beloved jeans, and hopefully win over the girl, while growing up along the way.

The American critics have been won over by the show, with TV Guide calling it a “very hip and sexually frantic new comedy,” the Boston Herald saying it‟s “topped with a slathering of

sexual innuendo and a dose of dope humour” and the San Francisco Gate commenting “Pants characters are so smart, so witty and so good looking, you'd be inclined to hate them if they weren't also, at heart, just vulnerable enough to be charming.”

The series also stars Kim Shaw as Jason‟s best friend Tina; the queen of quips and one-liners, Jordan Carlos as Eric and Elisabeth Hower as Stacey, college sweethearts making it go of it as couple as they forge into their adult years; Sunkrish Bala as Bobby, the owner of the local bodega and will guest star Chris Parnell as J.B., Jason‟s no-nonsense boss at the casting agency.

The show that‟s “so cool they even have sex in a fridge” - TV Buzz, The Sun, make sure you don‟t miss I Just Want My Pants Back, Tuesday 27th March at 10pm only on MTV.


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27 Mar 2012 22:00
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