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Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, since exploding on to our screens back in 2003, Two And A Half Men continues to thrive, and lucky for the show the hands of time have not been cruel... if anything the show is even funnier than when back in the day Jake really was only half a man.

Boasting Emmy and People's Choice awards as just a couple of its achievments, Two And A Half Men has remained one of the top American sitcoms, something that does not change with the return of the 10th season. First we saw Alan's relationship with Lyndsey growing ever more serious, Jake all grown up and in the army has got himself a thigh slapping, motor mouthed girlfriend and Walden? Well we left Walden still in search for Miss Right. So reunite with your favourite threesome in Malibu and watch and laugh as we see how the story unfolds and what life has in store for this dysfunctional family.